Build. Provide. Support.

Transitional Recovery in Minnesota is dedicated to building community by providing sober living environments that support addicts and alcoholics in recovery.


For specific house questions, or to set up an interview, please reach out to the resident manager directly.


Anthony Sorensen

Founder & Owner


Anthony, a native New Yorker, moved to the Twin Cities four years ago.  After sober living helped give him his life back, it is a dream come true for him to contribute to the recovery community by giving back to others what was so freely given to him with The Gilbert House.

You can always find Anthony at local meetings, the movies, hosting friends, walking Loring Park, enjoying landscaping, or cuddling with his Boston Terrier, Mr. Chuckles.

In memory of his grandfather, Gilbert, who passed away in 1992 at the age of 84 he had 35 years sober.  He still actively worked with sponsee's and Anthony named his first sober house after him.



Gilbert House Manager

‭+1 (978) 835-4660‬


KJ spent the majority of his life on the East Coast. A New England native, he came out here for recovery in 2017. Amazed by how accepting, encouraging, and all encompassing the Twin Cities is, he decided to stay and continue his journey in Minnesota. He is extremely family orientated and is incredibly grateful to have a second one in the recovery community here in Minneapolis. KJ takes pride in being able to provide his own experience to help others.

He enjoys reading, urban exploring, writing, hanging with friends, going to meetings, and communicating with his family back home in Boston.